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In His Hands Church of Worship


The God-given mission of In His Hand Church of Worship (IHHCW) is to establish a household of worshipers who are diverse in ethnicity, but unified through spiritual gifting and biblical enlightenment. Progressive and Christ-oriented, readily identifying with, adopting, and internalizing the principals of biblical doctrine. Consistently showing the evidence of each by their standards of living. IHHCW will advance God’s kingdom among men as a group of true believers with attitudes of servitude. IHHCW will be known for a holy love, authenticity of praise, untainted worship, and true adoration. From inception to conclusion, IHHCW will strive to develop kingdom-minded individuals who are filled with compassion, and motivated by a burning desire to create and develop auxiliary ministries with the sole purpose of caring for less fortunate and disenfranchised individuals. This church will re-present God in the earth realm by positively impacting the culture and climate of all that come in to contact with it as well as form a symbiotic relationship to the same. Our focus will be; (1) The word of God! (2) The power of God! (3) The people of God!