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In His Hands Church of Worship

The Mission

Pastor Spain is a seasoned Man-of-God with a heart to follow the principals of holiness as indicated in God’s written word. He gave his life to the Lord at age seven, and has walked with God ever since. Pastor Spain’s dedication and performance while assigned to the ministries of other pastors is impeccable! All bear record of the pastoral call on his life, as well as the willingness to serve God, and his chosen people.

The God-given mission of In His Hand Church of Worship (IHHCW) is to establish a household of worshipers who are diverse in ethnicity, but unified through spiritual gifting and biblical enlightenment. Progressive and Christ-oriented, readily identifying with, adopting, and internalizing the principals of biblical doctrine. Consistently showing the evidence of each by their standards of living. IHHCW will advance God’s kingdom among men as a group of true believers with attitudes of servitude. IHHCW will be known for a holy love, authenticity of praise, untainted worship, and true adoration. From inception to conclusion, IHHCW will strive to develop kingdom-minded individuals who are filled with compassion, and motivated by a burning desire to create and develop auxiliary ministries with the sole purpose of caring for less fortunate and disenfranchised individuals. This church will re-present God in the earth realm by positively impacting the culture and climate of all that come in to contact with it as well as form a symbiotic relationship to the same.

About the Pastor

The Vision

The vision of In His Hands Church of Worship is to create a Christ-oriented culture of believers who retain their uniqueness, but are unified, edified, endowed with, and empowered by the uncompromising, inerrant, infallible word of God. Whose styles of living are evident of a ministry that is deliberately focused on the word of God, the power of God, and the people of God!

About the First Lady

First Lady Spain has walked with the Lord and the pastor for over two decades. She is the epitome of a Proverbs 31 woman! The value of her presence is immeasurable as she eagerly engages in all aspects of the ministry. Her hands are faithfully employed attending to the work of God, and the calling upon her life. First Lady Spain’s countenance is captivating; Her smile, speech, and actions guarantee the embodiment of the precious Holy Spirit. She is truly a blessing to Pastor Spain, as well as the In His Hands Church of Worship family!